Buds Tealight Set

Sold as a set of 4.

Upcycled glass wine bottles hand-painted and turned into hanging lanterns, tea-lights to be used with floating candles, and art displays.  The light plays with the glass-painted designs and creates pretty patterns and shadows on surfaces.


handmade by #Out of the Box

Buds Tealight Set

  • Keep away from strong sunlight, heat, and rain.  The paintings a mildly water resistant but will not withstand rain or soaking.  Heat and sunlight cause pigments to fade.  Do not scratch, or scrub the surface.  Dust lightly with dry cloth to clean.

    Lanterns are to be used with electrical lighting, or as art displays, only.

    For best effects use tealights with floating candles.  Fill the glass with water 2-3" from rim, and float candle for best results.  Take care when handling heated glass.  Excess heat will cause glass to crack.

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