The Silent Boy

This jar contains more than just a yummy condiment. It is a dedication of love to all parents and guardians, especially those with special children.

My name is Zara and I'm the proud mum of a beautiful special boy. He is smart, witty and quite mischievous (understatement, ha ha ). But he is the apple of my eye. He is the reason and my strength for this jar of yummy and mom-made Malay Pickle.

This condiment houses the natural sweetness from Middle-Eastern dates and heat from tropical mustard seeds combined with the sourness of Sri Lankan coconut vinegar. It always packs-a-punch to any rice dish. Can you taste it?

Just like my little boy continues to strive in his own special way, with time, this Malay Pickle will only get better and better. Do try it and send in your feedback. Shop now...

Thank you and much love,


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