Sponsor an ARTisan

Locations of artisans currently supported by isle of ARTisans' rural community empowerment work. Updated 21.03.2020

Isle of ARTisans is a concept born out of the lack of support for small businesses, and the struggle faced by many to carve out an appropriate market sector. Some of the many challenges faced by small business owners include lack of understanding of finances and budgeting, language barriers, poor understanding of the target market, poor access to a viable customer base, and little to no networking opportunities.

We are a community platform that provides artisans with physical and online retail options to showcase their products. In addition, Isle of ARTisans works specifically with rural artisans to provide market-oriented designs, marketing material, package design, quality control, sales points, and networking opportunities for artisans.

Having opened our doors August 15th 2019, Isle of ARTisans has had an overwhelming response from the public with Google Business (Maps) statistics registering 1.3K searches, 4.1K activity, and 2.1K views to date (23.10.2019). Social Media statistics registered 15.4K (Facebook) 7021 (Instagram) post reach in a single week within one month since our opening.

​As encouraging as the public response has been to our work, Isle of ARTisans needs your support to expand and extend our services to artisans based in rural communities that face further hardship in developing small businesses. Join our crowd-funding campaigns to sponsor an artisan. The support we provide to artisans to create a marketable product line, and a sustainable small business include

  • market-oriented product designs