Sri Lankan Artist Makes Waves with Contemporary Traditional Art

Traditional Art by Sri Lankan Artist Rajitha Raji Lasantha from Kitesurfing Lanka
Sri Lankan Artist, Rajitha Lasantha Mudannayaka

Rajitha Lasantha Mudannayaka is a talented Sri Lankan artist whose work embodies the many people and landscapes of his country. Using a series of lines, he depicts a mixture of traditional and modern Sri Lankan scenery in a style as vivacious as his personality.

When asked what inspires his art, he responds “daily life”. He finds inspiration in the ordinary, and sees anything and anyone around him as his next potential subject. As a result, his artworks encapsulate a mixture of Sri Lankan wildlife, village culture, and modern living.

Amidst the scenes of Kandyan drummers and stilt fishermen, a three wheel “tuk tuk”, a snorkeler or a surfer will show up unannounced. It’s not uncommon for his focus to be portraits of newly befriended strangers. A golfer in traditional Kandyan attire, surrounded by birds and cattle with a freshly caught fish in his hand is the expected energy of his art.

Sri Lankan Crocodile and Traditional Stilt Fisherman
Crocodile (L), Stilt Fisherman (R)

Originally from Biya