Out of the Box

is an ART-centric, earth friendly, ethical brand offering creative handmade products.

Lasanthi de Alwis is the creative mind behind the brands artistry. Her focus is on creating art with utility value on, or out of, natural and waste materials. The brand's mission is to Think, Create, and Redefine everyday objects into usable or wearable art as Lasanthi believes, art should encompass and enrich our daily lives and not be limited to collecting dust on a wall.

Empty glass wine bottles are converted into intricately-stained glass lanterns, tealights, and centre pieces; Fabric off-cuts, old clothing, and wood-burned tea boxes transform seamlessly into statement clutches; silk and leather off cuts are hand-painted into one-of-a-kind saris, scarves, and other fashion accessories; wild flowers and resin combine to make botanical earrings; hand-painted, etched, wood-burned, carved, shibori dyed, carved and block printed: "Everything is a canvas for Art".

All Out of the Box products are exclusive, individually hand-crafted pieces limited in availability.

Out of the Box is the chief designer partnering with Isle of ARTisans to empower local communities, and the development of rural economies, by creating viable small enterprises with export potential.

Be creative; think Out of the Box.

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