Nevertheless, She Persisted

"Nevertheless, She Persisted" is a nod to all the empowered trailblazing women, past and present. Celebrate their accomplishments, remember the adversities they faced, and read about the ways in which they broke with tradition to simply exist as the people they wanted to be. From Switzer just "wanting to run", and Solitude's dream for her unborn child to "live free" from bondage, these strong and persistent women paved the way for the most basic of human rights and dignity for those who followed. They broke barriers by risking their safety, or by the cheekiest and smallest acts of rebellion. They created paths, genres, and scientific breakthroughs for both men and women. They serve as a reminder that the stereotypes and restrictive gender-roles of modern society, did not always exist.

This Women's Day 2021, we are following our tradition of paying tribute to the marvelously wonderful tales of Women. Since the inception of isle of ARTisans, we have taken this month to glance back at, and feature these incredible stories that are often unknown, or easily forgotten.

We will continue to add new posts throughout the month, so check back in to read about the challenges, achievements, perseverance, and unconventional stories behind these empowered women.

Drop us a message if you know of an icon you'd like to see included in our list.

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