Natural Rubber Toys

Janaka is an artist who paints, and makes sculptures. Additionally, he hand-makes Natural Rubber Toy Animals. His current products include an incomplete selection of dinosaurs, farm, and wild animals. He creates molds off individually hand-carved animals, and pours natural liquid rubber to make the soft animal shapes. Each animal is then individually hand-painted. The toys have garnered international interest by importers including IKEA, and support by the EDB. However he does not have a feasible production line and financial business model, and this has limited the growth of his business.

Janaka currently faces difficulty as he does not own several of his own molds, due to a lack of funds and a poor business model. He struggles to meet orders as he cannot afford to employ staff.

Isle of Artisans will be crowd-sourcing to create a collection of Sri Lankan animals, complete with educational marketing material, and connect him with retailers in Colombo to provide a regular income. With the steady income, Janaka would be able to employ members from his community and streamline his production to undertake larger orders. Isle of ARTisans will assist in adapting his business model to ensure Janaka owns all the new molds and there can be no distribution restrictions of his designs. Once his finances and production are stable, Isle of ARTisanss will assist him with creating complete collections of marketable animals and connecting him with an export market. Shop now..

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