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Isle of ARTisans is a collective of small businesses coming together to think like a BIG business! 


By sharing the costs, and reducing time-investment, small businesses can afford new avenues and markets, that they would otherwise be locked out of.  The Isle of ARTisans' Boutique Store, located in the heart of Colombo, is one such resource that would not be accessible to small businesses without the mindset of working as a collective.  Similarly, the Online Platform reduces individual expenses, and frees up time for creatives as sales and deliveries are handled by Isle of ARTisans.

Additionally, by reaching out to customers as a collective, vendors increase their visibility, while maintaining brand identity, and open up new sales avenues.  Isle of ARTisans has successfully supplied other boutique stores, and will continue to expand on this concept by partnering with even more like-minded outlets, throughout the island, and globally, as vendor production capacity grows.

Within the Isle of ARTisans network, we share resources, knowledge, skills, and support each other to grow our individual businesses.  Are you a good photographer?  A skilled writer?  Good with graphics, innovative package design, or social media marketing?  Barter your skills with another artisan in our network for a service that would benefit your brand.

Strengthen the weakness in your business, save on expense, the consumption of valuable time, and increase your customer reach, while retaining your brand identity, by joining our platform!    Apply here.


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isle of ARTisans will be launching the Travel Blog: Potholes & Plot-Holes in collaboration with historians and wildlife researchers to shine light on the intrigue, mystery, lore, and history of locations in Sri Lanka. The blog will focus on lesser-known sites and stories, and include a listing of accommodations, cafes, excursions, and other service providers in the hospitality industry.  To request exposure on interesting attractions near you, or join our platform and have your SME listed alongside blog features, please register your business online with us.  Register here



Are you passionate about our cause?  Do you want to empower rural communities, support small businesses, and promote eco-friendly products & services?  There are many ways in which we could use your help.  Wherever you are based, drop us a message with your key areas of interest, motivations, and any relevant experience or skills you feel may be of assistance to us and our artisans.  Working remotely is an option and we always welcome enthusiastic volunteers!

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Would you like to support our work by sponsoring a community project or funding a rural crafts-person and helping us create a viable business with market access, and sustainable value-added products?  Read more here about the work we do, or Contact Us to make a contribution.


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