Our incomparable isle

Isle of ARTisans is a celebration of the enduring and prevailing
innovative spirit of Sri Lanka.
Bringing you the best creativity from our little island, with enormous heart,
our store has a growing and ever-changing collection of delicate and meticulously crafted décor, 100% natural & eco-friendly products,
hand-painted fashion, traditional handicrafts,
and charmingly-Lankan handmade gifts.
 Featuring a mingled selection of local artists, traditional artisans,
and homegrown contemporary brands,
Isle of ARTisans is a communal store, in the heart of Colombo,
where creative Sri Lankans market their creations.
Harking from all corners of the country, and all walks of life,
the store is an adventure through
Sri Lanka’s diverse cultural and artistic heritage.
Journey through artisanal Sri Lanka
Our incomparable isle


Isle of ARTisans is a platform that aims to maintain Sri Lanka’s artistic heritage, create stable small enterprises with export potential, employment opportunities and the development of the rural economy through continued access to sustainable markets.


Additionally, Isle of ARTisans has many projects, with like-minded partners, to enrich the environment and community quality of life.  Read more about our community-empowerment work with rural artisans, and sponsor an ARTisan.